Top Five Couples in Love from the Stage

Happy Valentine’s Day fellow ATB members! Today I take you off the normal blog path and taking you down the path of a much...lovelier topic. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I will be celebrating and share with you whom I believe are the Top 5 BEST Musical Couples. Of course almost every couple in a musical is great, but not all of them are...right for each other? Of these couples I feel they are the ones who define “true love” and from what I’ve gathered from their respective arcs, aren’t bad for each other and bring out the best in another. I’ve compiled a list of the 5 couples I believe are the healthiest in all of musical theatre. So grab your honey and enjoy this list.

Angel and Collins- RENT
Angel and Collins aren’t your usual couple, in the sense that their love defies all. Angel and Collins definitely were healthy for each other as they loved each other until the very end. Collins never once looked at Angel any differently and loved her endlessly, and Angel in return gave Collins her love. All of their friends knew how much they loved each other, quoting “I’d be happy to die for a taste of what Angel had”, indicating that Collins loved and supported Angel throughout their time together, through her personality and when she got sick. Collins never once left Angel alone, and that’s why they’re one of the greatest.

Charlie and Lauren- Kinky Boots
Going off of the support statement, when Charlie’s shoe factory was going under, Lauren not only supported Charlie in trying to save it, but also gave him the push he needed. Lauren is a sassy individual who gave Charlie the push and drive he needed to team up with Lola to save the factory. From helping design the shoes all the way to the Milan Fashion Show, Lauren saw Charlie’s potential from day one.

Guy and Girl- Once
Going a bit more humble and realistic, Guy and Girl fell in love so naturally and realistically, hitting home closer to real life.  While not exactly a happily ever after for them, they are a couple of what could be, but because of real life situations can’t be. That’s a situation I’m sure of a few of us can painfully relate too, and even though Guy and Girl both have feelings for another, they never once stopped the other from supporting their dreams and relationships, despite their feelings for another.

Cosette and Marius- Les Miserables
Come on, we ALL knew they were going to make an appearance. When you think of musical couples, they’re the first ones to come to mind. Cosette and Marius, while sometimes cheesy, is super sweet. The whole “fall in love at first glance” trope is epitome to them. Cosette is all Marius can think of at the barricade and her own adopted father believes in their love so much that he interject to ultimately save Marius. While we don’t divulge too far into their relationship, they have a pure, soft and sweet relationship and one I know can stand the test of time.

Penny and Seaweed- Hairspray
Finally our last couple! What can I say, I LOVE Penny and Seaweed. Like Marius and Cosette, they both kind of fall under the “fell in love at first glance” trope, but they stood against the odds of the 1960’s and believed their love to be so strong to go against the “norm” of the time. Seaweed even saved Penny from her crazy mother, truly showing to be a knight in shining armour, and a man us women can truly look for. Penny declaring her love for Seaweed at the Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant is still one of my favorite moments in all of musical theatre, and they’re such a fun, loving and quirky couple with differing personalities that compliment another SO well.

An ATB Love Story

Collaborative: Intro and Conclusion by Darren Wildeman
We are interrupting our regular Tony coverage here at ATB for a very special post. As most of you probably saw in the group, our head admin got engaged to Keira, his co admin for both this group, and soon to be the rest of their lives. Surprise you two! This post is dedicated to you. The blog came together and we all contributed to write a post congratulating you guys and wishing you all the best.

Amelia Nolan
In the short time I've known you two, I have noticed that you definitely bring out the best in each other and I'm so incredibly happy that you found each other. Good luck in all your future endeavors together!

Eli and Keira 1.jpg

A huge congratulations to you guys! This is a tremendous step and thank you for both keeping this little community calm and under control! We all have a heart full of love for you both and wish you all the best!

Eli and Keira 2.jpg

Jonathan Fong
I’ll be honest, I’m not as familiar with Eliyahu and Keira as some of the other people contributing to this post (*cough* Darren *cough*), but in my time in this group, I don’t think there’s been a single moment when I haven’t admired them as admins and as people. I think I speak for the majority of the group when I say this: As admins, they’re fair, kind, and just; as people, they’re funny, talented, and just plain awesome overall.

Eli and Keira, I may not be Elphaba with visions of the future, but I can foresee that with you around, All Things Broadway will continue to thrive and prosper, and I’m sure you will too. Best wishes in regards to your engagement - have a great one, you two!

*whispers off to the side* D’ya think they’ll invite me to the Cows the Moosical premiere now?

Eli and Keira 3.jpg

Freya Meredith
Eliyahu and Kiera! Congratulations on your engagement! As an engaged person myself, I can tell you that this will be one of the most exciting times of your lives. If you can build an insanely popular, powerful, outstanding community for wacky and wonderful theatre geeks, then planning a wedding will be no trouble at all. Thank you for all the love and support you have given us with this amazing “All Things Broadway” community. Here’s to a wonderful life together! Congratulations again, and happy planning!

Eli and Keira 4.jpg

SarahLynn Mangan
Eliyahu and Keira, first of all congrats. As someone who has only seen your relationship from an online standpoint, you two seem to be perfect for each other. It’s always a wonderful day when two theatre people get into a relationship, and now you’re taking the next step in life together. I am so happy for you two, and want to thank you for ATB, and for bringing together a bunch of amazing people just to celebrate theatre. The opportunities you have given people to perform and show their love for the arts is just remarkable. I can’t wait for you two to have an amazing life together and to hopefully meet you one day when I am in New York! Congratulations!

Eli and Keira 5.jpg

Taylor Lockhart
They say that two people can be connected from the moment they meet by a red string tied around their fingers, but that they can’t see this string. Some people never see the string, some people take most of their life before they finally see it, but when they do see it, they see everywhere that’s they’ve been and subsequently everywhere it’s been. They see knots, they see tangles, and they see a sea of red strewn across the world without meaning or purpose, lying in sad clumps. And as they look out over and think about it all, they decide to just cut off the excess and only leave the part connecting them to each other. The string suddenly disappears altogether, and they replace it with a golden band, and the string is no longer tied to their fingers, but burned onto them turning red to gold and tying a knot that can withstand the test of time. Congratulations Eliyahu and Keira, and thank you for creating this incredible group that we can all share our love of the Great White Way on! And thank you even more for allowing us here on the blog to rant - I mean write articles - about the world of theatre. It’s been a blast exploring this Facebook group, ranting about the Facebook group on its sister Facebook group (wait is ATBS even officially affiliated with ATB? Eh, it doesn't matter). Anyways, I wish you guys the best of luck on your marriage and here’s to the incredible road ahead!

Eli and Keira 6.jpg

Michael Kape
Dear Keira and Eliyahu—

 Best wishes to you both as you follow in that great musical tradition of being betrothed:

·         Fred and Lilli in Kiss Me, Kate (just don’t bicker like them)
Wedding Song: “Wunderbar” or “I Hate Men”

·         Harold and Marion in The Music Man (be quiet in the Library)
Wedding Song: “’Til There Was You” or “My White Knight”

·         Emile and Nellie in South Pacific (okay, this one is romantic)
Wedding Song: “Some Enchanted Evening” or “Younger Than Springtime”

·         Cinderella and the Prince in Cinderella (but be home before midnight)
Wedding Song: “Ten Minutes Ago” or “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?”

·         Belle and the Beast in Beauty and the Beast (no, I’m not saying Eliyahu is a beast)
Wedding Song: “Beauty and the Beast”

·         Mrs. Lovett and Sweeney in Sweeney Todd (oh wait, that didn’t end too well)
Wedding Song: “Nothing’s Gonna Harm You” or “By the Sea”

·         Elder Price and Elder Cunningham in The Book of Mormon (um, no, that’s not right)
Wedding Song: “Two by Two”(?)

·         Porgy and Bess in Porgy & Bess (yikes, that’s a tragedy—what was Gershwin thinking?)
Wedding Song: “Summertime”

·         Li’l Abner and Daisy Mae in Li’l Abner (okay, that’s back on track)
Wedding Song: “I’m Past My Prime”

·         Adelaide and Nathan from Guys and Dolls (don’t get off at Saratoga for the 14th time)
Wedding Song: “I’ve Never Been in Love Before”

·         Curly and Laurie in Oklahoma! (just please don’t shoot Poor Jud)
Wedding Song: “People Will Say We’re in Love”

·         Seymour and Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors (but don’t feed the plant)
Wedding Song: “Suddenly Seymour”

·         Arthur and the Lady of the Lake from Spamalot (don’t wait until Act II for your solo, Keira)
Wedding Song: “The Song That Goes Like This”

·         Annie and Wild Bill from Annie Get Your Gun (Keira—don’t shoot Eliyahu, please)
Wedding Song: “Old Fashioned Wedding” or “You Can’t Get a Man With a Gun”

Well, you get the idea. If all the world’s a stage, may the two of you together always have better lighting. Mazel tov!

Eli and Keira 7.jpg

Darren Wildeman
Eliyahu, Keira, first off thank you for everything you do for the group, you have both become very good friends of mine. You aren’t just co-admins, you’re more than that. You care for the group and everyone in it, and you have gone above and beyond, from Cabarets, to meet ups, to BroadwayCon, to producing your first ever actual musical, and now you’re planning to spend the rest of your lives together. That’s so amazing. Keep on late-night posting, keep singing, and keep putting stuff together for the group you have. You guys are the best and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you guys. You are amazing for each other and I wish you both all the best in your future.

Unfortunately, not all the bloggers were able to contribute, however they send their best wishes and congratulations as well. From all your bloggers, and fellow ATB family members, we wish you the best and absolutely can’t wait for your wedding and future together.