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Top 5 Fox Movies That Should Get a Stage Adaptation

Taylor Lockhart

If you’re living under a rock then you might not have heard that Disney has officially acquired Twentieth Century Fox, an acquisition that means the X-Men and Fantastic Four can now join the Avengers, that Anastasia is now technically a Disney princess and that Jekyll and Hyde The Musical is now apart of Disney Theatricals. Yes, I hear you saying right now, “That’s not how producing companies work at all!” You would be right but the prospect of seeing a Fun Home revival helmed by Disney is so incredible that I’m okay with being wrong. With all this being said I thought it was the perfect time to revisit one of my older articles in which I talked about my “Top 9 Disney Movies that Should Get a Stage Adaptation”. Keep in mind that Disney Theatricals is the same company that made an animated movie specifically so it could be adapted for the stage then let it sit in Germany for like 15 years and then finally brought it over to the United States just to decide after two playhouse runs to do absolutely nothing with it but the adaptation of a movie that flopped so hard it won a Razzie and was only ever intended to be made for licensing ended up becoming one of the biggest broadway hits of the last decade. In short, they are absolutely unpredictable. They may not even use any of their new Fox properties or just immediately go ahead with one of them like The Princess Bride or something right out of the gate. I mean who honestly knows. This is all just for fun so if you disagree feel free to let me know but chances are you won’t have to hear about many of these any time soon. So without any further ado here are the Top 5 Fox movies I would live to see made into stage adaptations. Why not 9 you like last time? Sorry, we’ve had some budget cuts. Anyways, Let’s go!

#5 Home Alone

The Number 5 spot on my list goes to the Home Alone series of movies. I can’t personally imagine what a Home Alone musical would sound like and how it would be brought to life but it’s one of those franchises I can look at and see the serious possibility of it happening. Home Alone is something years later people still know and love and probably watch at least once or twice every christmas. It’s kinda surprising as far as I know no one has ever brought up the idea of a musical adaptation. I’m not saying this should happen and personally it’s not one that I think broadway needs to see but with the success of A Christmas Story, Elf, and others like it it’s not hard to see that Home Alone certainly is one of the most adaptable properties on this list that’s sure to turn a profit. I think it could be fun and it would certainly be interesting to see Kevin Mcallister's crazy traps come to life on stage. I think it would need an update to the story in order to bring it up to a two act show but there’s some material for something magical if done correctly. In any case it’s a well known story that would make an excellent children's musical to tour during winter like some of the other musicals I mentioned currently do.

#4 Mrs. Doubtfire

Come on, do I even have to say why the Robin Williams movie would make a perfect show? We’ve seen crossdressing done tons of times before on Broadway like with Mrs. Trunchbull in Matilda, and Mrs. Doubtfire would bring a new version of that which we haven't seen yet. There’s enough material there to adapt into two acts and room for some incredibly heartfelt songs. Luckily for me, I’m not the only one who thinks this as a Mrs. Doubtfire musical is in the making and may be on Broadway very soon.

#3 Alien

No, no no no no no no no...No! I’m not talking about an Alien musical. Good lord, No, that is the single worst idea I’ve ever heard. Instead, I’m talking about a straight play stage adaptation. If you’re invested into the theatre scene than odds are you have seen the school that recently put on a play adaptation of the Alien film, North Bergen High School. It’s really well done and a friendly reminder that high schools are capable of doing some really cool things and that the arts in schools should be given more money to work with!

(Hey a little pause real quick, I do feel the need to acknowledge, though because many other blogs and news articles haven’t, that unauthorized adaptations are illegal and while in this case the creators were cool enough not to take legal action, that’s not always the case. This is an incredibly cool production and you should celebrate it for all it’s worth but I would be wrong to just ignore the fact that if you now want to stage an adaptation of a movie for yourself and sell tickets for it as apart of your school's season it’s against the law and you shouldn’t do that. Thanks! Now back to the article!)

It’s really blown up and has me rewatching the film and considering the possibility of an adaptation coming to life on stage. We’ve seen just how poorly action musicals work like with Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark but the movie has enough really good scenes to make an incredible suspenseful action play. We’ve already seen from shows like Harry Potter and the Cursed Child that plays can have fantasy settings So why not a sci-fi one? If done right it’s possible to do more imaginative concepts with straight plays like Alien really well. I’ll admit fear nothing more than a million movie adaptations filling Broadway …(well maybe wasps. I’m pretty afraid of wasps) but a somewhat interactive experience reliving the Alien films live could be awesome and successful. Musicals have had the chance to get incredibly creative as we can see this year with shows like Beetlejuice but plays are often stuck in the real world with very few plays experimenting with Imaginative concepts like this one. I think if done right and those are the key words, If done right these high schoolers could be on to a pretty good idea and a new live big budget version of Alien could terrify audiences who have now lost the ability to hide behind a screen.

#2 Deadpool

Deadpool is the musical comedy we absolutely need. Deadpool is such a stretchable character you could do literally anything. Any story, any type of music, anything. A Deadpool musical sounds incredibly stupid and that is why it’s a really good idea because Deadpool works best in the exact places you never thought he could. It would be really nice to have a “go get drunk and then see a funny show” type of musical that doesn’t take itself seriously and Deadpool would be right in his element breaking the fourth wall with the audience. You could even have the character call people out for bootlegging the show, this script practically writes itself. I personally think that Deadpool would be a lot like the Beetlejuice musical is right now with him being a fourth wall breaking narrator figure but even crazier and even funnier. Okay, I’m going to pitch you an idea right now and you tell me if it doesn’t sound like the most amazing experience you could possibly have ever. A revival of Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark except the “Spiderman” part is crossed out and Deadpool is written in and “Turn Off The Dark” is modified to be some sort of sexual pun. I can’t think of one but just imagine with me for a second. It follows the storyline and songs of Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark except narrated by Deadpool who makes fun of the musical while constantly derailing it into directions the entire time. It’s hilarious for broadway fans and the script is written so that anyone out of the loop can still enjoy the hell out deadpools quips. Now that is a show I would pay some good money to see. I’m talking Hamilton money. I would pay Hamilton money to see that show.

#1 The Greatest Showman

It’s really not a question is it. The Greatest Showman was made to be adapted for the stage and is almost certainly going to be at some point. I don’t think I need to spend even a second explaining why it would work so well or if it would be profitable because it would and it has. I think it’s need some adapting to make it work but It’s undeniable that The Greatest Showman would work on Broadway. It would be nice to see a full musical with a story that uses tricks from Cirque du Soleil. Hell, perhaps Cirque du Soleil could be a producer and help make this musical one of the biggest and best broadway has ever seen. Maybe with Hugh Jackman returning to Broadway with The Music Man you could see him once he’s done there reprising his role to do the musical on Broadway. I wouldn’t bet on it but you can certainly bet that The Greatest Showman is coming.

Well, that’s my list. Let me know if I should do another sometime regarding a different studio. At some point I’d like to talk about books that I think should have musical adaptations since those feel so much more original than movie adaptations and while it’s fun to speculate I can say I’d rather more original works appearing on stage in the future. I hope to see you again in about a month but remember that we publish articles every Monday and Thursday. If you didn’t like me then chances are you might like one of the other writers and what they have to say. Thank you for taking your time and reading and I hope you all have wonderful rests of March. I’ve been Taylor and you’ve been you and I’ll see all next month, goodbye.

5 Musicals that Should Get the Hollywood Treatment

With the recent announcement of the beloved musical Cats becoming a motion picture event next year, it really got me thinking which other beloved Broadway musicals should get the Hollywood treatment. Embarrassingly enough, this is a topic I think of quite a bit, down to the cast. With that being said, here are 5 musicals I think would be great with the Hollywood treatment. I based my choices on popularity (meaning with theatre fans on social media and how they’re received in general), the music and story. Of course not, everyone is going to agree with these, but these are a few I’ve seen garner a huge response and gathering for. Without further ado!

Photo by manaemedia/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by manaemedia/iStock / Getty Images


5. Spring Awakening (2006)

Spring Awakening is just awesome, truly. Set in Germany in the late 1800’s, it’s a story of teenagers coming to terms with their sexuality, their inner battles and struggles, and what they believe to be, love. It’s set to a rocking (quite literally) score that will have these tunes stuck in your head for days. Spring Awakening is also a story that will stick with you far after you experience it, and with talks of the musical being turned into a film since 2013, there’s no time like the present to do it. In a day and age where sexuality is not only a wonderful and fluid thing, it’s an open discussion and to see a movie musical that could help someone come to terms with it if they are struggling, would be wonderful. It also shows the typical teenage angst that is set to a rock score, it is sure to make us laugh and break our hearts. To see this musical put out on the big screen in such a modern day and age would be as revolutionary as this musical.


4. Next to Normal (2009)

Next to Normal, the story of a mother who is currently struggling with bipolar disorder and how it is effecting the lives of her daughter and husband. This show addresses many mental and physical struggles that many people do have to face on a daily basis, and it is done respectfully and beautifully. In the modern day and age, in which topics such as mental illness, suicide, abuse of drugs and many more of the like are being acknowledged more and are being talked about, there’s no time to put this real, raw and beautiful musical up on the big screen. Next to Normal resonates with many fans because they feel they can relate to seeing the struggles displayed on a platform they love and use to deal with their own struggles, so to see this done and up in the public’s eye can keep the conversation going. With beautiful songs such as “Light”, “There’s a World”, and “Maybe”, this adaption will leave no viewer with dry eyes, but will also have them leave with a new outlook on life and these topics. This is also one of the shows I have seen a huge demand for on social media to have some form of a Hollywood film/live showing of, so it would do phenomenally well.


3. Miss Saigon (1989)

Oh Miss Saigon, set to the final days of The Vietnam War and the aftermath of one soldier’s decisions while there, this show has garnered its fair share of supporters and haters. While back with the Original London Cast they did very unfortunately do yellow face, but thankfully as they realized their very poor course of action, the show has been done better. With the recent Broadway and London revivals, and current UK and US Tours, an interest among newer audiences is being displayed, so why not put it on the big screen while it’s being toured nationally. Like how they did with the timing of Les Miserables in 2012, with the film being released with a simultaneous US Tour, it could be a huge benefactor in selling it. The newer staging of the show is also so elaborate and beautiful, to see how it’s translated onto film is something I would LOVE to see, especially that helicopter scene! I believe Miss Saigon is one of those rare musicals that would be done so precisely, it could end up being better on the screen than the stage, due to what the magic of bigger Hollywood sets/cameras with it. Miss Saigon could be captured a million different ways, but like the show, I know it will be taken such good care of and it will be done with such care, that any Saigon fans would be proud of it. The music is also hauntingly beautiful and so well crafted, to see the public’s reaction to it and the heart wrenching ending would be a smash hit for the movie musical crowd.


2. Kinky Boots (2013)

Kinky Boots being one of the two most modern musicals on this list is, dare I say, very important. Kinky Boots is a musical that is a big bundle of happiness with a side of acceptance, it’s just such a feel-good musical that’s important to our modern society. Kinky Boots is all about feeling good about who you are and accepting yourself, and in a day where that message is so important, and acceptance is a thing we all favor, having this huge hearted musical up on the big screen is very well needed. Shoe salesman Charlie befriends a glamourous drag queen Lola, and they create an unlikely friendship that not only sells shoes, but helps them come to terms with who they both are and creates acceptance from the both of them. Set to amazing tunes, this show will guarantee to make you leave the theatre with a huge smile on your face, good feelings, and songs you’ll guaranteed to be singing for weeks to come. Kinky Boots whole message is literally “Just Be Who You Wanna Be” and to have that message displayed in a Hollywood movie, in a time where we are working towards accepting and acceptance of ourselves without any judgement, this would be what is drastically needed. Plus, I feel everyone can relate to Lauren and her ”History of Wrong Guys”.

 1. Hamilton (2015)

Yes, we all knew this was going to be number 1, but Hamilton is just that important of a musical that it needs to be adapted for a Hollywood musical. Hamilton follows the life of Alexander Hamilton, the ups and downs of his life, and ultimately what he accomplished. It’s also set to the non-traditional style of musical theatre music, but the rap fits in the modern telling of the story. Hamilton is also important as it includes people of color in the roles of the main characters and gives them a voice and prominent role in this blockbuster. The entire world has fallen in love with Hamilton, the music and the message of not only the musical but what the musical and cast represent, so to see it given the big screen adaption is something I, many musical theatre fans, and quite honestly the world can agree on. It has taken the world by storm, so why not dominate Hollywood. For some people, Hamilton was their introduction to the wonderful world of theatre, so this also gives everyone a chance to witness it’s brilliance and importance. Seeing Hamilton on the big screen is something I can see in the near future, but until then, we can only hope we will be seeing it. But when it does get it’s big screen slot, it will be a relief to many fans, and considering how beloved it is, it will be taken care and done so creatively, we know it will be well worth the wait.