Should There be a Shrek 2 Musical

Photo by francescoch/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by francescoch/iStock / Getty Images

Taylor Lockhart
After writing my Top 10 Disney Properties that should have a stage adaptation, I decided I wanted to do one for one of their largest rivals, Dreamworks. However, in the process, I found only a handful of dreamworks musicals I thought could ever actually do well as a stage adaptation. One was obviously the Prince of Egypt and another, El Dorado, but because I’ve never actually seen those I wasn’t comfortable talking fond of them. I set apart my ironic side and realized that The Bee Musical is not a good idea and while How to Train Your Dragon might make for a fun puppet-involved Lion King-esque show with cool viking music, that was really all I found. So I scrapped the idea and decided to write a thing about the Oompa Loompas from Willy Wonka...and after a bit of research I decided it was best to scrap that one too. So, it was back to the drawing board and wait. Wait. Hold on.

Since its broadway debut in 2008, Shrek the Musical has toured all around the world and continues to make boatloads of cash. It was recorded and then sold on dvd, if Shrek ten years later is still running strong, where is Shrek 2?

No, I mean yes, it’s generally a bad idea to make a sequel to a musical, but I believe Shrek 2 honestly could get a pass. It's one of those few movies that if you had to choose between it and the original you may just choose the sequel. I mean, its not like dreamworks to hold back from unnecessary sequels. (Though I will say HTTYD 2 is just as good if not better than the first and I need if just for the hilarity of it a Bee Movie 2. Also I will happily be sitting in my seat opening night to watch Shrek 5. Actually, sorry Dreamworks, I love your sequels and I love your company. Shrek is in my belief, the most important thing humanity has ever conceived  I hope we could clear up this misunderstanding, k, thanks.) Anyways, I tried to do some research to find if anyone has talked about this before or if without me knowing it, Shrek 2 The Musical was already performing somewhere and I would have to scrap this article as well. Luckily no, it is not and surprisingly no one was really talking about it. I did find on the Idea Wiki, a forum dedicated to ideas people have that will never come to fruition. It’s most depressing when some of the ideas are actually good, like (Hi, me again, the explanation voice strikes back. You see, I had planned to put an example of a good idea from the the Idea Wiki but after an hour of searching I could not find one and I realized I was spending too much time of what was essentially a dumb throw away joke, thanks for understanding and now back to your regularly scheduled article) Shrek 2 The Musical was definitely interesting with plans to perform in 9000 countries. Now I’ve never managed a broadway show before but I’d say that sounds just a bit ambitious. So no, there is no actual plans for a sequel to Shrek The Musical but you know what, I honestly do think there should be. Shrek 2 is an incredible film with enough substance and material to hold up incredibly well on broadway quite probably even better than the first. I mean I would go if solely to hear the Fairy Godmother rendition of “I Need a Hero” and because gosh darn it, for the second time around they can’t forget a full cast version of “All Star” by Smash Mouth again.

You know, we had fun here today. I got to talk about Shrek, you got to hear or, well, read my talk about Shrek, but did you all know that International Shrek Day is April 22nd, meaning you only have 8 months to prepare, that’s like no time at all. However do you know what’s before that is the 10 year anniversary of Shrek the Musical opening on broadway which is December 14th. Golly gee that means you only have 4 months till that. So dear readers, I challenge all of you on the 14th of September, October, and November to sit down on your couch pop some popcorn and watch the recorded production of Shrek and even try to sing along if you want. I won’t be doing that but on December 13th, or later, definitely around December 13th a day I am calling Shrek The Musical Eve, we will all watch Shrek films and spinoffs from 1:00pm on December 13th until 1:00 am on December 14th. It’s like Christmas but better! You can also post on All Things Broadway that you are doing the Shrek challenge by showing a picture of the title for the musical playing on your tv on the 14th of every month leading till december. Show your Shrek pride, I know I will and I’ll be putting little reminders in every one of my article leading up to the coveted ten year anniversary of Shrek The Musical so that you will too.

Welp that’s it. I’ll be honest I almost hit a blank this time, but after deciding to sell away 12 hours of my life to a green ogre which I seem to do a bit too often I managed to work it out, I really had a ton of ideas I thought would work out but one by one they each fell through. I promise though I have a few cool blog ideas coming up that aren’t about Shrek, so thank you for baring with me and through an article that came out to be a bit silly, but whoever said silly was bad? I am working on a serious, factual, research driven post though for sometime in the next month if that is more your forte.

Welp, Since this entire article is a shrine to Shrek The Musical, I figured I should probably give you a chance to see the show yourself, so welcome the return of the end segment that never actually went away, The Upcoming Productions! And this time, it’s completely unbiased, so there's none you’ll see in the article that are not in the spreadsheet. Use the spreadsheet  to add your production to this list so that people can come and see your production of Shrek The Musical.

Once again, I want to thank you all for reading my article, I generally put out two every month and other bloggers post their own stories and articles every monday and thursday right here. So stay tuned because if you don’t like me and my articles odds are you will probably like at least one of them. Have a great rest of the day and month and I will see you in a few weeks, goodbye.