Tonys In 10 Years- What Will they Look Like?

We are currently in the age of self-exploration, and the Tonys over the past few years have reflected that. We are coming to terms with ourselves as people, mostly through exploring out childhood – as most of the shows coming to Broadway are revivals or adaptations of films/shows - we are slowly starting to reconcile with our younger-selves, and this is leading to a rebirth in theatre. It’s a cyclical nature: there’s a boom, then we run out of ideas and suddenly BAM! we have our next Andrew Lloyd Webber or Lin Manuel Miranda. Ten years from now, I believe the cycle will have started again and, after reconciling with the past, the Tonys 2028 will be looking on towards the future.

The 21st century is a time of optimism, or at least it should be. A time of looking to the future, or at least it should be. A time of exploration, or at least it should be.

The Tony Awards 2028 will be focused on the future because by that time we will have changed the world (for better or for worse) with new achievements such as the #MeToo movement, and the growing ban on single-use plastics, it seems like 2028 will be a new era. After attacking our problems on every front, it may just be that we finally feel like we can now put our mind to making new art.

Photo by shutter_m/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by shutter_m/iStock / Getty Images

That is what the Tonys will be in 10 years: new.

And bold.

And happy.

I hope…

One thing’s for sure, it will be a new era. An era, I believe, that will be led by the public, as theatre makes its way out of the commercialised world and once again becomes an art form. Because what’s to say that me or you or him or her can’t have a show on Broadway, can’t put something together from our brilliant minds and make a show full of hope, a show which receives Tonys? The revolution starts here, and finishes at the 2028 Tonys where the revolution will be televised.

My predictions for the 2028 Tonys? The girl from down your road will win best supporting actress. Your baby brother will win best actor. The girl who started playing clarinet at 18 will win best orchestration. The best musical will be sci-fi, I think, because there just haven’t been enough science fiction musicals… And best revival will go to Cats, which, after a five year hiatus, will return to Broadway with the same play but this time with real Cats – and Lloyd Webber will be making that #dolla.