The Magic of Theatre

We all have our reasons for loving theatre, and more often than not, it’s for reasons much more personal to the audience member in particular! It is more than just the spectacle, the score, the choreography, and personally having realized that I love theatre for the spectacle and extravaganza of it all (of course), but I now feel a true connection to theatre and can actually acknowledge what theatre can do for somebody at every level.

You see, it wasn’t until 2013 or 2014 that I really became obsessed with musical theatre and all it encompasses, however I was naive and didn’t bother to investigate any time into what made me love it so much, or why I wanted to go to the theatre so often, and even see the same show over and over again. This is something I never thought I would broadcast publicly but I think it is invaluable that I discuss how theatre has changed my life and the magic that I have found in it.

Photo by nevarpp/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by nevarpp/iStock / Getty Images

Two years ago I was diagnosed with epilepsy, which you could quite possibly say it was one of the worst days of my life. I was in a rut, a permanent state of shock, disbelief, and anger. And nothing, I mean NOTHING, could change the way I was feeling. Until a couple of weeks later when my sister (younger but wiser) told me to think back on positive memories I have made in the theatre and from that moment on I listened to songs from all of my favorite musicals, this instantly changed my mood and made me feel giddy and happy, something I hadn’t felt for a while. Once I was given the ok to go to the theatre I didn’t walk I ran! Theatre, musicals, and plays have all impacted my life, when I felt sad there was a song for that, when I was frustrated there was something for that too, every emotion I felt the theatre had a way of making me feel better! The theatre is an escape for me. As soon as I take my seat, I am transported to a completely different world, where my problems don’t exist, where I am just your average teenager. There is nothing as magical as this, and it’s safe to say my life will never be the same again because of how transformative each and every experience I have had since then has been! Through the good days and the bad I know that there will always be something in the theatre realm that will make me feel a million times better! I truly believe that for every problem there is a solution to be found, whether it is through seeing a show live, listening to a cast album or simply thinking back on the memories.

Have you experienced anything that makes you believe in the true magic of Theatre?