Don't Judge a Show by its Tonys

The Tony Awards, it’s the Superbowl for theatre fans. We root for our favorite shows/actors, we indulge in the 5 minute number of those nominated, and we cry when a favorite show wins or ultimately loses. We make joke bets on the nominees. We base a LOT of judgment of a show based on their Tony nominations. But I personally feel that we shouldn’t. Because not every show every season gets nominated for a Tony, and sometimes those shows not nominated are the best ones, and those nominated for a Tony may not be. While the Tony Awards are a great thing to reward shows every season, I think judging a show based solely on how many Tony’s they have or don’t have is kind of silly and we should stop judging a show based on those facts and look at the show as whole (story, music, book, development).

I know not everyone pays attention to a shows Tony nominations, but I know for a lot of fans, that’s a huge basis of whether or not they should see a show (I have seen it a lot recently on twitter). I get it, following what The Tony Committee says is a good show and what they feel deserves to be “show of the year”. Again, I understand. They seem to know what’s the best of the best this season. But sometimes, the shows nominated and the shows NOT nominated may be just as good or not. People are so presumptuous based on these nominations that they often forget those that aren’t nominated. While I personally don’t believe in a “Tony snub” that goes around on social media, I do believe that shows not nominated often get underlooked as they are often outshone by those nominated. Again I’m not saying this is always the case, take Anastasia for example. It wasn’t nominated for a Tony last season but is still one of the most beloved shows on Broadway currently and was more beloved than some of the nominees last season. Perfect example of why I think that a Tony nomination doesn’t give a show its worth. 

I suppose my main point is that because a certain show is nominated for a Tony, that doesn’t mean it is the best, and because a show wasn’t nominated for a Tony, doesn’t mean it’s bad or isn’t awesome, because every show on Broadway is. I mean it made its way on The Great White Way! Especially since we are approaching Tony season, all shows, nominated or not, should be given the love and support they deserve. Us as Broadway fans owe it to them. Whether we are huge fans of the show or not, every show deserves love and praise, nominated or not. Do take what I am saying with a grain of salt, this is all from my personal observation and a personal opinion, but it is something I’ve felt for a while.

-Taylour xx